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Fama, Elizabeth.
Chicago : Cricket, 2002.
ISBN 0812626524
Fourteen-year-old Emily and has had it with her family.  Her do-good physician parents have dragged her to hot, insufferable Sumatra.  Emily never sees them unless she goes to the hospital and then she becomes their slave.  After a young patient dies and Emily believes she is the reason for the death because her father didn't get the page from the hospital, she gets on a ferry to meet up with her sympathetic uncle on a nearby island.  When the aging, overcrowded boat sinks she finds herself in the ocean miles from shore without a life vest.  Her harrowing ordeal is gritty and gripping; you feel her exhaustion, feel the salt drying on her lips and eyelashes.  You pray for her survival as well as for the young boy she finds floating alone.  Who really has the inner strength here to keep them alive?  Emily, with her ability to swim distances thanks to training in the States, or Isman, whose Islamic faith is unshakable.  To the last page of Overboard by Elizabeth Fama you'll be hooked, even more so because Emily's story is real.  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee)
SUBJECTS:     Survival -- Fiction.
                        Shipwrecks -- Fiction.
                        Muslims -- Fiction.
                        Sumatra (Indonesia) -- Fiction.


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