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Eyerly, Jeannette Hyde
New York : Berkley, 1971.
IL 5-8
The Phaedra Complex is a Greek legend in which a young woman, Phaedra, marries the king of Athens and then falls in love with her stepson. In this book, Laura and her mother have a pretty good relationship. Her parents are divorced so it's just Laura and Mom. Then Michael enters the picture. When Laura learns that her mother, Charlotte, is planning to marry Michael, she is very resentful. She refuses to attend the wedding although she eventually backs down and attends. When Michael moves in, things get worse. Michael seems to be taking over and seems to be more than a little interested in Laura. Laura's mother quits her job and becomes depressed. Michael starts spending more and more time away from the apartment. Will Michael and Charlotte be able to get through this hard patch? Can Laura help? Read THE PHAEDRA COMPLEX to find out.


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