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Evslin, Bernard.
New York : Scholastic, 1969.
ISBN 0590425994
In this classic retelling of The Odyssey, Ulysses and his crew cleverly deceive the men of Troy with the famed Trojan Horse.  After the men of Troy celebrated an apparent victory, pulled the horse into the city, and went to sleep, Ulysses and a number of his warriors crept out of the hollow horse, opened the city gates, and allowed the Greek army to invade, slaughtering the unsuspecting Trojans.  Although they enjoyed a complete victory over Troy, Poseidon's anger had been kindled, unknown to Ulysses.  So, as Ulysses and his one hundred fifty sailors victoriously set sail for home on ships loaded with bounty and very little food and water, they cruised unsuspectingly into the god's anger.  After a narrow victory against the Ciconians on their first island stop, Poseidon called his son Aelous, keeper of the winds to buffet the ships and turn them toward Libya, where even more thrilling adventures await Ulysses and his crew.  Will Ulysses outwit Morpheus and the lotus flower?  Can they conquer the one-eyed monster Cyclops?  Will they succumb to the wiles of Circe, the beautiful sorceress?  Read The Adventures of Ulysses to find out.  (Julia S. Fanning,,  Busbee Middle School)
SUBJECTS:     Odysseus (Greek mythology).


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