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Ehrenhaft, Daniel.
New York : Delacorte, 2003.
IL 5-8
ISBN 0385730055
Logan Moore is a very angry young man.  He hates just about everyone and everything.  He hates his father who abandoned the family seven years ago and hasn't been back since.  He hates his stepfather who is always criticizing him and demanding he be something that he isn't.  He hates his mom for marrying Robert and never standing up for Logan.  OK, Logan isn't as perfect as Devon Wallace.  But then again, Logan hates Devon too.  But Robert thinks that the Wallace family is the perfect family and wants Logan to be just like Devon.  Robert has even threatened to send Logan off to a juvie boot camp if he doesn't shape up.  Now Robert has a new idea.  He is getting Logan a dog.  Now most kids get dogs as a reward but not Logan.  Robert has picked out a dog just like Devon Wallace's dog and expects Logan to train him just like Devon did.  Logan is secretly looking forward to getting a dog and starts reading up on how to train it.  When the big day comes to go pick up the puppy, Logan talks his mom into going to the pound to get a dog instead of the fancy breeder that Robert expects.  Amazingly, his mom goes along with the idea.  Logan deliberately picks out the ugliest, wildest dog in the place.  He knows this will make Robert angry.  That's the point.  What none of them can know that day is how life will change for dogs and their owners.  A new virus has hit the dogs in the state.  The virus makes the dogs vicious and many have attacked their owners.  There is no cure.  Many people have simply been shooting their dogs for fear of the disease.  You see, dog bites transmit the disease to humans.  What will happen to Logan and his dog?  Will there ever be a cure or will all the dogs on earth have to be destroyed?
SUBJECTS:     Dogs -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.


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