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Dussling, Jennifer.

New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 2002

IL K-3
ISBN 0448428776

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Do you sometimes get startled when you hear loud thunder during a storm? You know that lightning can come with some very loud noises. It can be a scary and surprising experience to see a glowing bolt of lightning strike down from the sky. Today, we know what lightning is – it’s a very powerful discharge of electricity, but way back in the past, people didn’t really know what lightning was. People from different cultures thought that angry gods threw down thunderbolts.  Do you know that lightning can do some weird things? If lightning strikes on a beach, it can create "fossil lightning”.  Although very rare, it  appears that lightning can also form into balls and go inside homes. We know that thunderbolts carry  such incredible amounts of electricity, that they are quite dangerous. Do you know what people do to protect themselves and their homes against lightning? What should you do if you suddenly got caught outdoors in a thunderstorm?  You’ll learn how to keep yourself safe from thunderbolts and discover more about the awesome world of lightning and electricity in this really fun book. You will be totally shocked.  (May Harn Liu,,  librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Lightning

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