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Duncan, Lois
New York : Pocket Books, 1995.
IL 5-8
ISBN 0440228476
Nancy Garret looked pretty much like any other twelve-year old but she was different in one fascinating way - Nancy knew when things would happen. She not only knew when the phone would ring but she also knew who would be on the other end of the line. Her younger brother Brendon hated playing Rummy with Nancy because she always knew which cards he had - she literally could see right through them! Nancy's sister Kirby thinks it's exciting that Nancy has ESP, but Nancy is very upset by the whole thing - "I feel like a freak!" she tells Kirby. One day when Nancy is looking at some old family photographs in the attic, she finds that she is able to communicate with her dead grandmother. "This ESP scares me," she tells her grandmother. "I don't know how to use it." Nancy's grandmother explains to Nancy that her ESP is a gift - in fact, it is a gift of love that was given to her by her grandmother. Like any other gift, her grandmother says, this gift is nothing unless it is used properly. Nancy isn't sure what her grandmother means until a crisis occurs in her family. Read this book to find out how Nancy finally learns how to deal with her special "gift of magic".
(Ellen Levin, Library Media Specialist, Hammond Middle School, Laurel, Maryland)
SUBJECTS:     Extrasensory perception -- Fiction


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