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Draper, Sharon.
New York : Atneneum Books for Young Readers, 2002.
IL 5-8, RL 5.3
ISBN 0689842309

(4 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Secrets abound. Delia is so successful at Double Dutch that she knows her team is going to win the big competition. Randy is the best team manager ever, keeping everyone on track. The Tolliver twins, Tabu and Titan, scare everyone with their angry scowls and aura of violence as they strut down the halls. What are the secrets that keep them all on edge? Delia is so smart but feels like a loser. Randy can’t seem to manage his own life and the Tollivers are hurting. All comes to a head when the school is struck by a tornado. Who are the heroes then? Will the truth come out?  (Jean B. Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards, 2005-2006)

Booktalk #2

Delia and her friends are jump rope athletes preparing to go to the World Double Dutch Championships, however, this is not really a sports story, but a story of “secrets.” Delia’s secret is that although she is a good student, she can barely read and has been hiding this problem from her friends and teachers for years.Her friend, Randy, is hiding the fact that he is living alone and running out of food and money and will soon be evicted from his home unless his missing father returns.It is also a story of misguided fear and prejudice, as Delia and her friends relate to the “dreaded Tolliver Twins” who have the reputation of being dangerous bullies. The story is told in realistic dialogue that will appeal to middle school readers.  Black-eyed Susan Award nominee 2005-2006

Booktalk #3

How long can two eighth graders keep their secrets? Imagine! Delia can’t read. Randy’s father hasn’t been home in six weeks. These seem like important things to tell a grown-up but fear keeps Delia and Randy quiet. They aren’t just afraid of their secrets, they are afraid of the Tolliver twins, too. These two terrible boys just moved to town and the rumors were quick to spread about just how awful they could be. Threatening students with their steely stares and tough appearance, it wasn’t much surprise when they were seen on a national television show about parents who are afraid of their children. Can Delia, Randy and their friends stay out of the Tolliver Twins’ way? Will Delia lose Randy’s friendship when she hides a poster with a picture of Randy’s father stating he has amnesia and needs to find his family? Or, will she finally get help with her dyslexia? Read the dramatic Double Dutch to find out. (Prepared by: Jennifer Mitchum, SCASL Junior Book Awards)

Booktalk #4

Do you like books with lots of mysteries & all kinds of different situations ,with more than one subject? Well this book has it all.  his story is about a few kids Delia the main character, Randy,Yolanda,&The Toliver twins.  They all have a secret that they are hiding.And don't know how much longer they can. Randy, who’s mom left when he was a little kid, and a dad that is a long distance truck driver, Who hasn't been back for weeks, will he comeback?
Delia who doesn't think she can pass the 8th grade ,because of her reading that not even her mom knows about. The Toliver twins, the two people that hardly talk to anyone but themselves, no one ever talks to them, everyone is scared of them for their looks, but they are actually very nice.  And Yolonda who goes missing after the tornado, will she comeback?
“Double Dutch” helps the kids with their problems a lot, and that's what they all mainly focus on,Delia and Yolanda are on the team together And hoping to win the trophy in the double dutch competition.  (Olesya, K-12 student)

SUBJECTS:  Rope skipping -- Fiction.
                   Contests -- Fiction.
                    Dyslexia -- Fiction.
                    Friendship -- Fiction.
                    Schools -- Fiction.
                    African Americans -- Fiction.
                    Cincinnati (Ohio) -- Fiction.


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