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Donegan, Tom.
New York : Parragon Books, 2013
IL K-3
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Which creatures are cold-blooded and their skin is made up of thousands of scales? If you thought reptiles, you are so right. You probably know about alligators and crocodiles, but have you heard of gharials? They are like crocodiles and alligators, but their heads are so funny looking with long, thin jaws. They are found only in the rivers of Nepal, Pakistan, and India.  Some more familiar reptiles are snakes. They all move by sliding their bodies from side to side, since they donít have legs. Can you guess which snake is as long as half the length of a school bus? Itís the reticulated python! Did you know that there is a snake so short that it can be mistaken for a worm? Even more awesome, would you believe that there are lizards so very big that they can grow up to the length of a small car? Those fearsome looking giant lizards are called Komodo dragons. Then there are turtles which are the only reptiles protected by a hard shell. Some turtles live in water and some in land. A land turtle is called a tortoise. Can you believe that a giant tortoise lived for 255 years? There are many astonishing things you can learn about reptiles in this cool book.  (May Harn Liu, Email Address: librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Alligators.

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