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Dixon, Chuck.
DC Comics, 2002.
ISBN 1563898055
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A child, especially a teen, can go in either direction depending on the influence they receive during their influential years.  When Dick Grayson's parents were stripped away when he was eleven years old, he looked like he would be another casualty of the foster parent system.  However, a man, perhaps the most selfless and honorable man in all of literature, came into Dick's life and changed everything.  Bruce Wayne, the Batman, adopted Dick Grayson and showed him a way to let out his anger at the criminals and unjust acts in the world.  By fighting at Batman's side as Robin, the Boy Wonder!  This is the tale of Robin's first full year as a crime fighter in Gotham City, the host city of Batman's unending 'War on Crime'. 
           This title continues the stellar tradition of the other 'year one' titles that Dixon and Beatty have worked on including Batgirl: Year One, Nightwing: Year One, and Batman: Year One (with Frank Miller).  I think that comic book characters like Robin are positive influences for teen readers because they showcase individuals who are selfless, caring, and active.  Three traits that parents would like to see in their kids.  (Justin Whitt,, Vigilante from Berea, KY 40403)
SUBJECTS:     Comic books.
                        Graphic novels.


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