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Cyr,  Kelly.
Lion's Den Publishing, 2006.
ISBN 1598002031
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     ďI am now making an altar for every woman and child abused by the filthy hands of an unworthy man. And it is gently raining outside. Itís funny, as every time I am sitting here, doing my Godís gift, and keep persevering in the hardest struggle of my life, God puts haloes around me, I kid you not. I told Him to stop it, and He put double haloes then around me. He cries with the soft rain, every time I write about the sorrows that has been put on me. I keep telling Him, I am past that point now, and I write because I am after justiceÖĒ FROM SUPREME LOVE.
     A broad sweeping epic novel of a family torn apart by abuse. Although she turns everywhere for professional help in saving her family through marriage counseling and psychiatric intervention, Kelly Cyr suffers tremendously in the tragedy of losing her family. Illuminating, confessional, at times---filled with deep pain and shame, but at the end, becomes powerful and inspirational. As she shares poignant pieces of her life, she holds nothing back in baring her brutal tale. Unable to let her go, her husband divorces her in his rage and revenge. Nothing solved, he continually abuses her until she is driven to a nervous breakdown.
     Absorbing, shocking, filled with suspense and surprise, this compelling memoir  will awaken you to the truth and the aftermath of what really happens when domestic violence occurs. Supreme Love will stand alone as an unforgettable story for all time, a womanís spiritual odyssey and a true testament to Godís real presence and His love.  (Kelly Cyr, Lion's Den Publishing)
SUBJECTS:     Abuse.
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