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Crisp, Marty.
New York : Holiday House, 2004
IL 3-6, RL 6.3
ISBN 0823415988

(4 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Twelve-year-old Sam, a passenger on the Titanic's maiden sea voyage, volunteers to help care for the dogs in the ocean liner's kennel and becomes fast friends with Star, the Irish setter of J. Bruce Ismay, the ship's owner. Helping in the kennel brings a welcome distraction--especially when it comes to caring for Star. Star and Sam quickly bond, and when disaster strikes, the boy can't leave the dog behind.  Black-eyed Susan Award nominee 2005-2006

Booktalk #2

It is about a dog named Star and a boy named Sam.  Start meets Sam on the boat - the Titanic.  And they became friends.  After, the ship sank, Star and Sam were not on the boat.  Star and Sam had a big adventure.  I won't tell you what happened, you'll have to read for yourself. (Taylor DeEll, student, AEES, Middleton)

Booktalk #3

This story is about two kids named Samuel Harris and Bucky Kings. Going to New York City on the Titanic. The reason why was to see his father in New York City. There are more characters such as lady Cabot Samís guardian on the trip Mr. Daniel a person who was worried about Sam when he fell into a group of people talking on the deck. And the Bishops a couple who always like being outside.  There first at Cherbourg, France on the way they stop in Ireland. On the way Sam visits the dog kennel and walk the dogs. He likes one dog he named it Star.  (Roman Petrich, Student, Meeker Elementary School,  Ames, Iowa)

Booktalk #4

Twelve-year old Sam is none too happy that he must leave his grandfather and a place he loves, England, so he can rejoin his mother in America. It being 1912, there was also just one way to cross the Atlantic- by boat. It turns out to be Samís fate, and that of his friend Bucky, who is traveling with his father, that their trip will be on the ill-fated Titanic during her maiden voyage.
Sam quickly adjusts to ship board life and makes friends with the boy who tends the shipís kennels. Here he finds himself drawn to a friendly Irish setter. Because the dogís owner doesnít spend time with Star, Sam soon finds himself walking the dog about the ship and making friends with many of the passengers and crew. Sam is not looking forward to the end of the voyage when it is tragically interrupted. Everyone must abandon ship but there arenít enough life boats and itís women and children first! Will Sam make it off the sinking boat and what about the dog heís come to love? Read White Star: A Dog on the Titanic to find outÖ  (Kristin Robinson, LMS Dwight Elementary School, Fairfield, CT)

SUBJECTS:     Titanic (Steamship) -- Fiction.
                        Shipwrecks -- Fiction.
                        Irish setters -- Fiction.
                        Dogs -- Fiction.
                        Survival -- Fiction.


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