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Cresswell, Helen
New York : MacMillan, 1977.
IL 5-7 
ISBN 0140311769
Booktalk #1

Jack is an ordinary boy in a family of geniuses. His Uncle Jack, despite his awful rep, helps Jack take on a mysterious air as clairvoyant. Grandmother has an obsession with the memory of her cat. Thomas. Sister Rosie, trying to capture a portrait of the cat is foiled by Uncle Jack's kyromaniac daughter, Daisy. Jack's dog Zero seems well-named. The father gets caught reading comics and is forced to come off his high horse.

Booktalk #2

Imagine life with a family full of talents, a four-year old pyromaniac cousin, and a Grandma full of rude remarks.  Twelve-year old Jack is "ordinary"; he doesn't feel he is as talented as the rest of his family.  His Uncle Parker helps him become a "prophet", which is someone who can envision things.  When Jack's visions start coming true his family is at first annoyed, then scared.....  Ordinary Jack by Helen Cresswell is a must-read book.  (Orren A., 4th grade, The Little School)

SUBJECTS:     Family life -- Fiction


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