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Cook, Robin
New York : Berkley, 1990.
ISBN 0425119653
Dr. Victor Frank has been researching the DNA that affect brain cell growth. His wife is infertile so he supervises the artificial insemination procedure and decides to alter the DNA in hopes his child would become a genius. The boy. VJ, is surely advanced. By age 3,he's reading dad's journals. Then all of a sudden, he seems to taper off, loosing interest in science. After this, other babies who had also received the altered DNA show genius, then mysteriously die. Dr. Frank believes that VJ may also be at risk. Could his son be vulnerable to the same rare cancer that killed the others? Could someone or some group be sabotaging his work? Mutation is a book that forces you to think about the ethics of tampering with life. Who are the real victims of "Mutation"?
SUBJECTS:      Medical novels.


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