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Colfer, Eoin.
New York : Hyperion Books for Children, 2003.
ISBN 0786818638

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Imagine the fate of your soul balancing on a thread as thin as a hair.  Will the pearly gates open wide, or will you be pulled down into that dark tunnel?  Meg Finn is that one-in-a-million person who gets one last chance to get it right.  Meg is only 14, but she’s had a hard life.  Her mother died in a car accident, leaving Meg in the care of her abusive stepfather.  Oh, Meg made sure she fixed him, and believe it or not, the Devil was very impressed by her creative approach to revenge.  Now, this one robbery, and she’d get enough money to run away-but why did it have to be an old man who hardly had enough to feed himself?  Meg tries to save the old man after her partner, Belch, and his dog Raptor injure him, but Belch fires one wild pistol shot, and the next thing Meg knows, she’s balanced between good and evil.  Sent back, Meg intends to help old man Lowry patch up his life, but when the Devil wants you, it’s tough to stay on the side of the angels.  Read the Wish List before your time runs out! (Alyse Goldman,, Sterling Middle School, Sterling, VA)

Booktalk #2

"We're in," grunted Blech "Let's go." Rapter scrambled up the wall into the dark interior. He was the point dog, sent in to check for hostiles. His orders were simple. Bite everything. If it screamed, it was hostile.
     The pitt bull was not what you'd call a sleath canine, and managed to barge into every piece of furniture on the ground floor.
     "Why don't we just ring the bell?" groaned Meg. "Oh, stop your whining, Finn," snorted Blech. "Old Lowrie is deaf as a post anyway. You could set off fireworks in there and he wouldn't stop snoring."
     Blech hoisted his considerable bulk over the sill, exposing a drooping belly in the process. Meg shuddered. Disgusting.  (Shauna, k-12 student)

SUBJECTS:     Coming of age -- Fiction.
                        Good and evil -- Fiction.
                        Supernatural -- Fiction.


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