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Colfer, Eoin.
New York : Hyperion Books for Children, 2006
IL 5-8, RL 7.4
ISBN 0786849568

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Artemis wants to help the fairies for all they’ve given him. No, really. He’s 14 now, starting to notice girls (!!) and feels he should give something back. So he starts tracking demons. See, way back when humans weren’t quite so strong, there was a war and all the fairy races went into hiding when they lost. The imps, worst of the fairies, had warlocks who zapped their whole island away to a place where time doesn’t move. They are breeding and growing strong, planning on coming back to take out the humans, very soon now. Artemis figures out how to find the ones who have escaped and are traveling through time. But so does Minerva – brilliant Minerva with adorable blonde curls – and she captures one first. So off we go on a typically funny and exciting Artemis adventure. By the way – Holly dies. But I’m not going to tell you what Artemis does about that!  (Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2007-2008)

Booktalk #2

Long ago, the fairy families fought a battle for Ireland. When it was apparent that they could not win, they went underground, all except the eighth family, the demons.

Suddenly the demons are reappearing. If a human should catch one, all of the fairy families would be exposed to humans. To the rescue comes the fourteen year old, boy genius and millionaire, Artemis Fowl. He is the only one who can decipher the complicated equations to stop the demons from appearing. He goes to Sicily to capture the next demon to appear, but someone else has figured out the equations, Minerva Paradizo. Minerva as a twelve year old, seems to be Artemis Fowl’s equal in brains and guts. She has kidnapped the demon. Artemis and his companion Holly Short must find this demon, the last demon warlock, before the lost demon colony returns to Earth.
Reviewed by Cindy Fiegenbaum for Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award, 2010)

SUBJECTS:     Fairies -- Fiction.
                        Magic -- Fiction.
                        England -- Fiction.

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