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Colfer, Eoin.
New York : Hyperion Books For Children, 2002.
IL 5-8, RL 7.1
ISBN 0786808551

(4 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Artemis has spent the last two years searching for his father.  Artemis Senior was aboard a ship that sunk in the Arctic.  Although it is generally believed that everyone aboard has died, Artemis will not believe it.  He has spent a lot of the fairy money on finding his father.  Meanwhile, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon fairy police is not having such a good time herself.  Because of the incident with Artemis in which the fairy gold was lost, she has been reduced to patrol.  During a routine patrol, Holly stumbles on a cache of illegal weapons in the hand of goblins.  Now, there is nothing stupider than a goblin so they must have had help getting the softnose lasers.  They also have some Mud Man firesuits that keep them from being detected by standard scanning.  There is just no way the B'wa Kell could have done this without Mud Man help.  And what Mud Man would help goblins?  There is only one name that comes to mind -- Artemis Fowl!  Could it be?  Would he be so bold as to team up with goblins?  Or is someone else in charge of this operation?  Just maybe this time Holly and Artemis will find themselves on the same side.  Could that ever happen?

Booktalk #2

Ah, the troubles of your average teen:

Heading up an international crime syndicate.
Having to ransom your mother's sanity with a hoard of stolen fairy gold.
Thinking up dangerous and wicked schemes, desperately trying to make enough money to fund the search for your missing father.
Wait a minute; you mean every thirteen-year-old doesn't have these problems?

Fowl. Artemis Fowl. The name strikes fear in the hearts of humans and fairie folk alike. A criminal mastermind. A human without a conscience. A teenager without a heart. Except he loves his parents. When his father was declared missing two years ago, his mother sank into insanity and depression. Artemis used all of his abilities to steal the fairy's gold and ransom back his mother's sanity. And made a forest full of otherworld enemies in the process.

Now a band of Russian criminals has revealed they are holding his beloved father for ransom. Artemis must leverage all of his resources, legal and otherwise. But his mother's sanity has returned, along with her sense of fair (and foul) play. She puts him into counseling, where some of his natural criminal instincts begin to dull. How can Artemis gear up for this icy adventure, to save his father from the Russian Mafiya, when his mother and his counselor are breathing down his neck?

Short. Holly Short. Once, she was a rising young Captain in the LEPrecon Squad (That's Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance for you humans). Then that foul Artemis Fowl got in the game, kidnapping her and stealing a hoard of gold. Now she's been demoted to boring customs stakeouts. She is one steamed elf, from the tips of her wings to the tips of her pointed ears, out for revenge and out to clear her name.

In her world, the magical folk are getting restless. The goblin B'wa Kell Triad is guilty of smuggling contraband from the human world, and Holly suspects Artemis Fowl may be behind it all. She must put down his Goblin rebellion no matter what.

Artemis and Holly both have jobs to do, and they cannot hope to succeed alone.
Mary McCarthy for The Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award

Booktalk #3

Artemis Fowl isn’t your average 13 year old. He is a criminal mastermind genius, and knows about a secret race of beings called fairies. Worse, his father was kidnapped by the Russian Mafia 2 years ago. Butler, Artemis’ massive bodyguard, receives an e-mail from the mafia about Artemis’ father. Unfortunately, the e-mail is sent with a virus that destroys it in about 3 minutes, so Artemis couldn’t trace from where it was sent.
Meanwhile, below ground, LEP recon captain Holly Short is on a field mission tracking down goblins from the B’wa Kell triad (the equivalent of the mafia) when she sees the goblins using illegal softnose lasers and human batteries. Once Commander Root gets to the scene, he assumes their nemesis, Artemis Fowl, who kidnapped Holly about 6 months ago, is behind it. Is Artemis behind it? Will Artemis get his father back? Find out when you read the book, Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident.  (Jacob, student)

Booktalk #4

Have you ever met a kleptomaniac dwarf or infiltrated Koboi Laboratories? Well, if you haven't, come along for the ride in this second action-packed adventure that stars Artemis Fowl, genius and criminal mastermind. Also, back again are Butler, Holly the LEP captain, and Commander Root. Only this time, they have to work together to save Artemis's dad from the Russian Mafia and stop Opal Koboi, Brian Cudgeon, and the B'wa Kell they lead from taking over. Will Artemis's dad be rescued? Will the world be taken over and ruled by Opal Koboi? Find out by reading this awesome book I totally recommend! (Anne R., Maroa-Forsyth Middle School, IL)

SUBJECTS:     Fairies -- Fiction.
                        Kidnapping -- Fiction.
                        Magic -- Fiction.
                        Fathers and sons -- Fiction.
                        England -- Fiction.


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