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Clancy Tom
New York : Berkley, 1999
ISBN 0425161722
My name is Alex Michaels, I am the commander of Net Force --  a government agency that branches off of the FBI.  Net Force was made to enforce the computer laws of the world.  The major world powers are now after all computers in the year 2010.  We at Net Force are facing a very large problem. There is a company called HAARP that works with electronic frequencies. HAARP has now come up with a weapon that can make people in a certain area go crazy, crazy enough to go on a killing spree. They do this by sending out electronic brain frequencies at a target. Well, someone has broken in to HAARP’s main computer and stolen the secrets to this dangerous weapon.  The thief has already used it on two of China’s small villages with success. The villagers killed family, friends and acquaintances. This weapon has fallen into the wrong hands.  Help Net Force and me catch the criminal, read Tom Clancy’s Net Force.  (Sam M., 8th grade student, Rundlett Middle School)
SUBJECTS:     Supercomputers -- Fiction.
                        Terrorism -- Fiction.
                        International security -- Fiction.


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