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Christopher, John
New York : Macmillan, 1969.
IL 5-8
Marty has lived most of his life on the moon in an enclosed biosphere known as the bubble. His parents have six more years to go before they can return to Earth. The only things Marty knows about Earth are the things he's learned in school or seen on video. Like most 14 year old boys, Marty tends to get bored doing the same things every day. When he and a friend pull a prank, they are punished by being barred from the recreation center for a month. Of course, this just gives Marty even more time to think up new adventures. He and a friend spot a crawler that is loaded with food and water and programmed to go beyond the eight mile limit that Marty must stay in. The two boys "borrow" the crawler and start out for new adventures. What they find is beyond their wildest dreams. Find out what awaits the boys in THE LOTUS CAVES.
SUBJECTS:     Science fiction



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