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Christie, Agatha
New York : Signet, 2000.
ISBN 0451200209
It all started when we decided to form a club.  We called it the Tuesday Night Club.  Joyce Lempriere, Raymond West, Sir Henry Clithering, Dr. Pender, and Mr. Petherick joined.  But they had skipped over one person.  Me Ms. Jane Marple.  I kindly told them that they had forgotten me.  They let me in, but I knew what they were thinking.  They were thinking poor old lady, she’s never been out of St. Mary Mead!  And it’s true, I haven’t.

 Well, tale after tale was told and I solved them all.  And when I told my story nobody could find a solution.  I don’t mean to give you the impression that I am any smarter than them.  In fact, living in St. Mary Mead has given me a chance to “observe human nature under a microscope”!  I then compare their mysteries to things that have occurred in town.  By doing so I am able to produce a solution.

 Later on, two more people joined the club.  They were Ms, Bantry and Jane Helier.  They tell two very interesting stories.  Everything seems to be going fine until I get word that a lady has drowned herself in the river.  But, I think differently.  I knew that she was murdered.  I also knew who she was murdered by.  The problem was, that I just knew.  I had a feeling, no hard evidence, so I didn’t go to the police.   I decide to go to Sir Henry because he is a detective.  Will Sir Henry be able to find the hard evidence we need?
(Lisa N., 8th grade student, Rundlett Middle School)

SUBJECTS:     Mystery and detective stories.


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