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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
Toronto : The Center, 2002.
IL K-3
ISBN 0888684169
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Children have lots of questions when someone in their family struggles with depression. Sometimes they just don’t have the answers and the depression often become the family secret that nobody talks about. To help children understand their parents’ depression, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, (CAMH), has published the first storybook of its kind developed in Canada, called “Can I Catch It Like a Cold?”.
                    “Can I Catch It Like a Cold? “ is written for children aged 5 to 9 years old, for use by parents, extended family, teachers and professionals who want to address the impact of a parent's depression in children's lives.  The book answers children's questions such as: “Why does my mom or dad act the way she or he does?,” “Will my mom or dad get better?", "Is the depression my fault?" and "Will it happen to me too; Can I catch depression like a cold?"
                    Wonderfully illustrated by Coral Nault, this storybook explores alcohol problems through the story of Alex, who struggles to understand his father's depression.  Alex can't understand why his father sits at home alone crying, instead of coming out to watch him play soccer.  Alex soon discovers that his father has depression.
                    This book explores kids' common questions through Alex, who learns a great deal about his father's struggle by talking with a friend whose mother also has depression, and from talking with the school counselor and a psychologist.  Alex learns what causes depression, what treatments are available, and how he can cope and live well while his father is ill.  He also learns that it's not his fault that his father has depression -- and no, depression is not something you can catch like a cold.  (Susan Rosenstein,, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
SUBJECTS:     Depression (Psychology).                        


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