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Carney, Elizabeth
Washington DC : National Geographic, 2012
IL K-3, RL 4.2
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Meet Cloud, Kasey, and Samo. Who are they? Cloud is a Labrador dog, Kasey is a capuchin monkey, and Samo is an African giant pouched rat. They all have special abilities to help humans and animals as well.  Cloud has been trained to find dolphins and whales stranded  along the beach. If they are found in time, they can be saved. Riding on a boat, Cloud can smell the scent of a dolphin or whale. Capuchin monkeys are very intelligent and can be trained to help disabled humans who cannot use their arms or legs. Kasey can do many things. She can pick up and return dropped objects, she can turn the pages of a book. She can even scratch an itch or wash a personís face with a cloth.  Another very special animal that helps humans is Samo, the rat that can detect mines that were planted in the ground during wars. Unfortunately, after wars, many of these mines were left in the ground and are really dangerous. Anyone walking on these areas could be injured or worse. Samo was trained to locate these mines so workers can remove them and make the area safe. Find out more about these amazing animal heroes.  Youíll learn many interesting things such as how Kasey had to go to monkey college for three years to be able to help disabled humans.  (May Harn Liu.,  librarian)

SUBJECTS:     Working animals.

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