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Card, Orson Scott.
New York : Tor, 2002.
ISBN 0765300176
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We had won the war with the Aliens and now Peter Wiggin, the brother of the war hero, the brother who had not qualified for Battle School, the rejected one, the Hegemon of Earth was trying to reestablish his authority. I now led the small military force that supported what small authority he maintained.

Only I wasn't 'little' Bean anymore. I was tall now, a genetic experiment, and at the rate I was growing, it would kill me sooner rather than later. Unless I was killed first. Which I didn't expect to happen.

Our mission today was to penetrate Chinese air space and intercept a convoy transporting a prisoner. But, then Peter showed up with a change of plans. I wouldn't be going! I was upset, as much by Peter's attitude as anything, but could think of no good reason to countermand Peter's orders.

Until the choppers lifted off and Petra emerged from the forest, and I figured out why Peter didn't want me on the mission. The prisoner in the convoy was Achilles. Achilles whom I had embarrassed and gotten kicked out of Battle School. Achilles, who was most dangerous when he appeared to be the most useful. Achilles who wanted to rule the world on his own, who would and had betrayed everyone he had worked for, the most dangerous person in the world. Who would stop at nothing to see me and Petra dead along with anybody else who got in his way or had ever seen him vulnerable.

And, Peter thought he could control the monster! I headed for the forest with Petra. "You're going to quit, just as we're about to get things moving our way?" shouted Peter. We didn't stop to argue. We had to get clear, somehow keep Peter alive, and prevent the network of his network by Achilles.

We disappeared.
Sam Marsh for The Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award

SUBJECTS:     Extraterrestrial beings -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.


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