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Buchanan, Jane

New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1997.
IL 5-8  RL 5.5 
ISBN 0374327750 

(2 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

Everyone says I should be grateful.  Grateful that I didn't die in the fire that took my brother, George, my mother and my father away from me.  Grateful that the orphanage took me in.  Grateful to Mr. Bell for taking me to Nebraska with the other orphans to find new families.  I suppose I should be grateful to Henry Jansen for taking me into his home, even if he did only want me to help take care of his sickly wife.  I almost felt grateful when Mr. Jansen took me to town to get some new dresses.  I looked at dresses of all colors while Mr. Jansen talked to the shopkeeper.  "I imagined myself in a pale blue one with a low waist and tiny pearl buttons up the front.:  Then Mr. Jansen turned to me and said, ' ... better move along if we're going to be getting you some clothes.  They've got a box over at the church.  We ought to be able to find you something there.'  The charity box.  I should have known.  Why would he buy me a pale blue dress with pearl buttons?  I wasn't his daughter, after all.  I was only an orphan." 
To find out if Hattie ever finds something to be grateful for, read GRATEFULLY YOURS by Jane Buchanan.  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee) 

Booktalk #2

When Hattie's family are all killed in a tenement fire in New York, she is sent West on an "Orphan Train" to find a new home. She is placed with a couple in Nebraska. Henry and Elizabeth are not unkind but they are certainly not welcoming Hattie with open arms. She believes that she is there more as a servant than a child. Henry is distant and Elizabeth is grieving over the loss of her children. Hattie know she should be grateful for having a place to live but it's hard. Can Hattie fit in? Will she be able to help Elizabeth come to terms with the loss of her children? Read GRATEFULLY YOURS to find out.

SUBJECTS:     Orphans -- Fiction
                        Farm life -- Nebraska -- Fiction
                        Nebraska -- Fiction
                        Death -- Fiction


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