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Bryant, Annie.
B*tween Productions, 2005.
ISBN 0974658766
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The Beacon Street Girls are made up of spunky, athletic Avery; gorgeous, stylish Katani; boy-crazy flirt, Maeve; and Charlotte, who has lived in Africa, Australia and France but never the U.S., and always has a disastrous first day of school, no matter what country she is in.

Charlotte's first day of 7th grade in the U.S. is her worst ever.  Her teacher sits her at a lunch table with these three other girls in hopes that they'll become friends.  To make their first day special, the teacher put red checkered tablecloths on her students' tables.

At one point during lunch Charlotte realizes that her zipper is open.  She panics then feels relieved that no one seems to have noticed.  So she slowly and quietly zips up her pants.

When the bell rings Charlotte doesn't want to be late for class so she jumps up and takes off for class . . . only she doesn't realize that she has zipped the tablecloth in to her zipper!  So food and drinks get all over the 4 girls! 

Needless to say these girls don't want to sit next to Charlotte anymore.  But the teacher tells them that they must all sit together for 8 weeks.  So they make a deal with the teacher:  if they have a slumber party together that weekend so that they can get to know one another, they can sit with whomever they want the following week.

They all arrive at the slumber party hating each other and just wanting to get it over with as none of them actually like each other.  They are so different.  For example, they all think that Maeve is a spoiled, rich snob because she is the only one in school who carries a laptop to her classes.

At the slumber party, however, they all learn the real reason Maeve uses a laptop . . . and they feel sorry for her.

So, after this party are they worst enemies or best friends?  (Davinna Artibey, Center for International Studies, Denver Public Schools, CO)

SUBJECTS:     Teenage girls -- Fiction.
                        Friendship -- Fiction.
                        Junior high schools -- Fiction.
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