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Brook, Henry.
New York : Usborne Books, 2006
IL 3-6
ISBN 0794511619
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Have you ever been to the beach? Well have you ever been to one guarded by hundreds of machine guns, thousands of mines and artillery guns, but with no place to hide? Thatís what the US and British marines had to do on June 6th 1944. I think The True Stories of D-Day is a great book and should be read by anyone who likes WW2. I will explain why the characters, setting and the conflict are important to the story
        First off, the characters of the book are very important to the plot. The characters include the United States and the British Marines and the Nazi veterans assigned to defend the beaches of Normandy. The marines were tough and rouged and prepared to fight. For example, even though the marines were loaded with more than one hundred fifty pounds of gear, guns and ammo, they still managed to break the beaches and fight their way inland all the way to Berlin. The Nazi defenders were overrun after a few hours of intense fighting, but at the cost of many US and British deaths.
        In addition to the characters, the setting was also very important to the plot of the story. The Normandy beaches used to be a nice spot for families to come and relax, but once Rommel a.k.a. the desert fox got the news of the allied invasion he quickly turned the beaches into heavily fortified beaches of death. The beaches were covered with hundreds of machine gun nests, artillery guns and tens of thousands of anti tank and infantry mines. Basically the beach was impenetrable.
        The last thing is the conflict which takes place during the entire story. The main conflict is the invasion of the beaches of Normandy. some of the smaller conflicts are things like the problem of getting tanks on to the beaches and trying to take out some of the artillery guns before the initial invasion. The conflicts of the story make up the majority of the story and make the story interesting.
        In conclusion I think The True Stories of D-Day is a great book and should be read by anyone who likes WW2. The characters, setting and conflicts of the documentary made it a spectacular reference for the invasions on D-Day. If you like WW2 read the true stories of d-day or go online and read more about WW2.  (Forrest Willow, Bakersfield, CA, USA)
SUBJECTS:     World War, 1939-1945 -- Campaigns -- France -- Normandy.

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