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Brashares, Ann.
New York : Delacorte, 2003.
ISBN 0385729340

(5 booktalks)

Booktalk #1

The pants have been carefully packed away for the winter.  But now summer is here and the sisterhood makes plans for the months to come.  This year, Tibby is going away.  Still grieving over Bailey's death, she's been accepted to a special film program being offered at her father's alma mater.  Bridget sets out for Alabama to visit a grandmother she hasn't seen in years.  Carmen is baby-sitting all summer but hold on to the prospect of going out with Porter.  And Lena has a job selling clothes in a store she would never go to.  The girls aren't sure what the pants have in store for them this year but their hopes are high.  Is it possible for the magic to work once again?

Booktalk #2

Summer is here again!  I sure hope I can still fit into the pants.  See I quit soccer and I must admit I have put on some weight.  I am kind of hidden in here somewhere, but the pants theyíll make things better when I am in Alabama visiting Greta.  Carmen will be up to her usual chaotic antics.  She just canít seem to stay happy these days.  Tibby hasnít recovered from the death of Bailey.  She just doesnít seem to see the way Brian looks at her.  Lena finally gave her heart away, then she took it back, then she gave it away.  But will she survive what the summer has in store?  Join us as we travel away and back again.  As we pass the pants, the magical pants.  As we return to reminisce.  (Elizabeth Ashley,, Student, USC, Columbia, SC)

Booktalk #3

Imagine a pair of jeans that fit four friends equally well. The traveling pants are not only the most beautiful pair of jeans that ever existed; they are kind, comforting, and wise. And also they make you look really good. All year long the four friends who share them wondered what the second summer would bring. Would the pants bring them love? Joy?  New friendships?
A summer beyond their wildest dreams? Find out in The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares.  (Sue Anne Beym,  South Carolina Book Awards, 2006)

Booktalk #4

The four friends and one pair of pants are back in this very satisfying sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Once again they share the magical pants over a summer filled with many changes and emotional growth. A prologue helps to bring the uninitiated up to date. One hopes for at least one more summer as good as this one. (Jean B. Bellavance for Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards, 2005-2006)

Booktalk #5

Once upon a time not so long ago, there were four girls and a magical pair of pants. Think this is just a fantasy? Think again. This is how Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Bridget's second summer apart begins.
 Last summer, after discovering that these pants fit all of them perfectly, they decide that the pants must be special. During their first summer apart they sent the pants to each of their "sisters" hoping the magic of the pants helps each other. Now the pants are back for more when Tibby goes to camp, Carmen plans to thwart her mom's relationship with her new boyfriend, Lena discovers why her Greek boyfriend broke her heart, and Bridget discovers the meaning behind her mother's death. The pants lead them on a journey of love and happiness, and help them cope with hate, divorce, and death in a summer you will always remember as the Second Summer of the Sisterhood, by Ann Brashares.  (Kathleen D., student)

SUBJECTS:     Jeans (Clothing) -- Fiction.
                        Female friendship -- Fiction.


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