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Bradley, Timothy J.
New York : Chronicle Books, 2007
IL 3-6, RL 6.8
ISBN 0811848787 
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Imagine an awesome predator swimming in the sea. This predator has excellent vision and hearing. It can detect low-frequency sounds in the water and tell from what direction the sounds are coming from.  It has a nose that can follow a scent in the water from miles away. It senses vibrations with the sides of its body and its snout. It has a skeleton that is made up of bone-like flexible material. It can open its jaws really, really wide. If you think this predator is a shark, you are so very right. But did you know that sharks lived in the ocean hundreds of millions of years ago? Ancient sharks came in all sizes and shapes.  One shark was only 12 inches long that liked eating shrimp. It had really big eyes to help catch the shrimp. Other sharks had the funniest looking jaws that you can possibly imagine. Have you heard of the great white shark that we see in the ocean nowadays? Well, back in ancient times, there was a gigantic shark that makes the white shark look small.  The great white shark can be about 25 feet long and weigh about 2 tons. The enormous Megalodon shark  grew to 50 feet long and might have weighed as much as 50 tons. More amazing sharks facts can be discovered in Paleo sharks : survival of the strangest.  (May Harn Liu, Email Address:
SUBJECTS:     Sharks.

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