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Billingsley, Franny
New York : Atheneum, 1999.
IL 5-8, RL 6.0
ISBN 0689828764
Corin tells them that he is schooled in the art of keeping the Folk.  The Folk are the fierce, wet-mouthed, cave-dwelling gremlins who sour milk, rot cabbage, and make farm animals sick.  It is Corin's job to sit in the basement and ward off the ill effects of the Folk.  Corin has many tricks to call on to do the job.  When Lord Merton summons Corin to the Cliffsend Estate, Corin is not sure why.  Surely they must already have a Folk Keeper.  And how have they heard of Corin?  But the most disconcerting thing of all is that the messenger has come to find a girl who was left at birth on a doorstep.  How does Lord Merton know that Corin is really Corinna.  She decided just before her 12th birthday that she would pass as a boy so she could be a Folk Keeper.  If Lord Merton knows that she is really a girl, does he also know that she has not been educated in the ways of the Folk?  Everything she knows is by observation and questioning those who were being schooled.  She has lied about having the power of last speech.  Will she be found out?  She does have some power but doesn't know why.  Join Corinna and she grows in her abilities.
SUBJECTS:     Selkies -- Fiction.
                        Good and evil -- Fiction.


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