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BeauSeigneur, James.
New York : Warner Press, 2003.
ISBN 0446531251
Decker Hawthorne couldn't believe his luck.  Working on a small newspaper in Tennesse, there was no way he would be invited to go along with the expedition.  As a matter of fact, there was only one reporter who would be able to accompany the team.  And that reporter was from the National Geographic.  But Decker needed to try anyway.  It turned out that one of his former professors was on the team of scientists.  Maybe he could use that to find a way in.  When he "ran into" Professor Goodman at the hotel in Connecticut, events worked out unbelievably.  Goodman's assistant had changed his mind about going and Decker volunteered to replace him.  So, now Decker is part of a team that will go to Italy to study the Shroud of Turin.  The team collected samples and studied the Shroud as best they could.  It is 1978 and the team was not permitted to conduct carbon dating on the Shroud.  Years later, another team did conduct the test and declared the Shroud was not old enough to be the actual burial shroud of Jesus.  But, many years later, Professor Goodman found something in one of the samples.  Living cells!  Could they still be alive thousands of years after the body died?  If so, could they really be from Jesus?  Could the Professor use the cells to clone Jesus? Impossible, right?  Or is it?
SUBJECTS:     Jesus Christ -- Fiction.
                        Cloning -- Fiction.
                        Fantastic fiction.


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