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Barker, Clive.  
New York : Joanna Cotler Books, 2002.
IL 5-8, RL 7.7
ISBN 0060280921
Candy Quackenbush isn't having a very good day.  Truth be told, her year isn't going that great either.  Her father has been laid off from his job at the chicken factory and he now sits home, drinks beer and turns mean.  Her mother has become depressed and is having trouble coping with the situation.  Candy's teacher has given the class an assignment to find out ten interesting facts about their town.  There just isn't anything Candy find interesting about Chickentown.  Until she learns about the mysterious suicide in the local hotel.  When she presents her report on the suicide of Henry Murkitt, her teacher berates her and sends her to the principal for disciplinary action.  Instead, Candy leaves school, walks to the edge of town into a field where her life changes forever.  There she meets John Mischief and his brothers.  John was not from Chickentown -- or anywhere near there. He was an odd looking man but above his ears, he had antlers!  Hanging from the antlers were seven heads.  And each one was trying to talk at the same time.  And thus begins Candy's journey to Abarat.
SUBJECTS:     Space and time -- Fiction.
                        Good and evil -- Fiction.


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