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Barber, Antonia.
London : Francis Lincoln, 2003.
IL K-3
ISBN 1845071476
Do  you like listening to folk tales?  I know I do.  There are so many of them from all over the world.  This collection of folk tales comes from Eastern Europe  -- Russia, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.  You have probably heard of several of these countries.  But I bet you have never heard these folk tales.  They are tales that are told in the countries themselves but have not been told outside of the country.  Like the tale of the old king who was close to death.  The wise man told the king he must find a man who wants for nothing and put on his shirt.  He would then be cured and live forever.  So the king sent his men far and wide to find such a man.  Can you guess what they found?
SUBJECTS:     Folk tales.


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