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New York : Avon, 1997
IL 5-8, RL 5.1
ISBN 0380790866

(4 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Hands slowly lifted out of the floor, and the rest of the body slowly followed. A boy came out of the floor searching the walls, ignoring the boy, Kenny, in the room. Kenny had moved from California to Rhode Island. The boy finally came face to face with Kenny and they just stared at each other. The next day Kenny went down to the library to find some information on the house he had just moved into with his parents When he searched he found out the names of the people who used to live there, but he couldnít find any information on any deaths. Later, when Kenny went back to the house he stared at the stained floor where the ghost boy had come out of. He waited for the boy to come out of the floor again. The next day Kenny went back to the historic library He brought a piece of the stained wood. He asked the librarian to see what the stain was from. Later, the librarian called and said that the stain was human bloodÖ What would happen next?  (Molly, Student)

Booktalk #2

Something upstairs is about Kenny living in the fast city of Los Angeles and then he moves to Rhode Island and finds a problem in his attic. A blood stain found in the closet of his new home turns out to be ghost named Caleb. Caleb, a slave who lived in the 1800s, was murdered. Kenny must go back to the past with Caleb to find out what happened. Kenny has many proplems he will face and some he may not solve or will he? Will they find Caleb`s murderer? Will Kenny get back to his time? Now will you read Something Upstairs to find out.  (James, student)

Booktalk #3

Kenny just moved from California to Rhode Island.  When he is searching the house he gets the feeling that it is not empty. He is right because that night he is awakened by a noise that is coming from the back of the attic.  So Kenny goes back there and finds two arms coming out of the floor.  A little later Caleb, the ghost, asks Kenny to go back in time with him to find his murderer.  Kenny finds Calebís murderer out on the street. It was Pardon Willinghast. Willinghast asks Kenny to kill Caleb with a pistol so he will give Kenny his key chain and go to his own time.  Kenny goes up to Caleb and asks what he should do.  Caleb tells Kenny to kill Willinghast so Kenny can take his key chain and go to his own time and Caleb wonít get killed.  What will Kenny do?  (Ben, student)

Booktalk #4

Kenny just moved from California to Providence Rhode Island, he is having a hard time adjusting. His house is very old and was built in 1789. Soon he hears noises coming from a little room off the attic which is his bedroom. He finds out that itís a ghost, named Caleb. Caleb is trapped in the little room because he was a slave a very long time ago and he had gotten murdered in that room.  Caleb asks Kenny to help him find out who killed him, so Kenny tries to find more about Calebís death.  Kenny goes to the historical library and tries to find something but he does not.  That night Caleb takes Kenny back in time to Providence, Rhode Island, 1789 and they meet this guy named Mr.Willinghast.  Mr.Willinghast takes Kennyís watch that can turn back time and without it Kenny canít go back to his time, which is in the future. Do you think kenny will get his wach back from Willinghast? Will Caleb find out who muredred him?  Now if you want to find out what happened to Kenny and Caleb you must read Something Upstairs by Avi.  (Morgan, student)

SUBJECTS:     Ghosts -- Fiction.
                        Space and time -- Fiction.
                        Slavery -- Fiction.

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