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Angleberger, Tom.
New York : Amulet Books, 2010
IL 3-6, RL 4.1
ISBN 0810984253

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

Most of his sixth grade classmates think Dwight is weird but admit he does make cool origami, including a finger puppet of Yoda. When some students at the McQuarrie Middle School are faced with one question after another Dwight offers answers via his Origami Yoda. Origami Yoda appears to be able to predict the future and has advice that helps the students in puzzling situations. Before Dwight’s friend Tommy can ask a girl to dance at a school function without making a fool of himself he wants to know if he can trust Origami Yoda’s advice. To answer his question Tommy enlists the aid of fellow students to track down the results of Origami Yoda’s advice; the ensuing chapters tell of those results. 
  Middle school can be a series of sand traps, some of them very funny to the observer, and if Origami Yoda’s advice is useful, why not take it, even if that advice does come from a green paper finger puppet?  (New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award nominee, 2011-2012)

Booktalk #2

What do you think?  We sit together at lunch, Dwight and I, and we’re not exactly the most popular kids at school.  And now, Dwight is wearing this green puppet on his finger all of the time and calling it Origami Yoda.   Weird, right?  Even weirder, Origami Yoda gives kids advice - good advice.  How can that be when Dwight is so clueless?  Would you read my case file and see what you think?  It is hard enough being Dwight’s friend when he does things like wipe up a spilled drink on the floor by scootching around on his stomach and wiping it up with his shirt. But wearing a puppet and talking like Yoda?   Thing is, I need advice.  I kind of like someone and I am not sure what to do about it.  If Origami Yoda, or Dwight, is right, I might ask her to dance.  But what if he’s wrong?  Read the file and help me decide, please?  (Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards, 2011-2012)

SUBJECTS:     Yoda (Fictitious character : Lucas) -- Fiction.
                        Finger puppets -- Fiction.
                        Origami -- Fiction.
                        Eccentrics and eccentricities -- Fiction.
                        Interpersonal relations -- Fiction.
                        Middle schools -- Fiction.
                        Schools -- Fiction.

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