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Anderson, M. T.
Cambridge, MA : Candlewick, 2002.
ISBN 0763617261
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What’s your favorite website?  One you visit every day. (pause for answers).  Imagine if you could visit that site anytime you wanted.  You wouldn’t have to carry around a laptop or worry about a wireless connection because you would always be connected to "the feed."  Maybe your parents have been thinking about buying you an upcar, the feed would automatically send you information about the coolest ones and the best deals.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about visiting the moon, the feed will tell you the braggest places to hang out.  The feed can keep you updated on the latest hairstyles and let you chat your friends so you can share secrets no one else can hear.  This futuristic fantasy is a reality for Titus and his friends in Feed by M. T. Anderson.  There are some annoying things about the feed too.  Like getting totally bannered with pop-up ads and all these strange legions everyone’s getting, but it’s all they know.  Everyone has the feed installed in their brains when they’re babies.  Before they can talk, they’re plugged in.   Titus thinks nothing of it until he meets Violet who makes him think about the world in a different way.  She encourages him to resist the feed.  Let me explain...
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With a computer in your brain, you’re never alone.  It’s watching your every move, so it can market to you.  What will happen to Titus and Violet if they resist?  What will happen if they don’t?  Feed raises a lot of questions about what happens to a society where marketing and buying are the most important things and computers are everywhere.  Should YOU resist?  (Stella Shafer, MLIS student, iSchool, University of Washington)
SUBJECTS:     Science fiction.

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