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Aguirre, Ann.
New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2011
ISBN 0312650086

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Booktalk #1

The author creates a post-apocalyptic world that is just horrific. It’s a bleak, sinister and primieval dystopia.  Humans never see daylight.  They live underground, in abandoned subway tunnels.  They’re only given a name if they manage to survive to the age of 15, when they are put to work in one of the three classes; they can be hunters, builders or breeders.  During naming ceremonies, items are strewn on the ground in front of a “nameless brat”, and he or she is cut.  Whatever object their blood touches first becomes that person’s name.  During her naming ceremony, Girl 15’s blood touches a playing card. Hence her name…Deuce.  Deuce’s job is a hunter.  She ventures into the forbidding tunnels to check traps for meat … and to fight the Freaks, ferocious mutant humans who will eat anything.  Deuce is partnered with Fade, a mysterious boy who didn’t always live in the enclave, because he was born a topsider.  He fights with intensity, but he knows how to love, too.  Enclave is a fast-paced and moving novel about the will to survive and to remain human against all odds.  You will not be able to put it down.   (Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Awards Program Booktalks 2012-2013)

Booktalk #2

Duece has been chosen to be a Huntress and help keep the Enclave safe.  The Enclave is a small community that survives underground.  It has been years since a plague wiped out everyone Topside.  And now the only world Duece knows is Enclave and other small communities they trade with.  There are monsters known as Freaks who live in the underground that attack the communities and the hunters protect the citizens of Enclave.  But then the unthinkable happens.  Duece and fellow hunter Fade are banished from Enclave.  Fade says he used to live Topside and that is where they should go.  But what is left there?  Duece only knows what she has been told all her life.  And she is not so sure that this is a good idea.

Booktalk #3

Deuce is a huntress trainee beneath the ruins of the old New York City. She is proud of the role she is earning as protector and food provider for her enclave, and is a loyal member of her society. So she is surprised, and disappointed, when she is assigned to work with Fade. He’s an outsider who has never learned to fit in. However, as she works with him, she learns to respect him and to question what she has always understood as benevolent control. When they return from a harrowing patrol to report an enclave destroyed and unusual behavior by the predatory zombie-like Freaks, instead of being praised for their bravery, and valued for their warning, they end up being exiled which pretty much means death.

Fade once lived topside, so they go up. This world is unfamiliar, and dangerous. Deuce has to learn on the fly who can be trusted and how to deal with those who can’t. As she does she longs to help friends who whom she now feels are trapped in Enclave. This story gets pretty rough in places, including a topside girl who had been raped. It also poses some good questions about the balance of law and freedom.  (Booktalk by the Isinglass Award Committee)

SUBJECTS:     Teenage girls -- Fiction.
                        Survival -- Fiction.
                        Dystopias -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.

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