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Adams, Richard.
New York : Avon, 1006.
ISBN 0380002930

(2 booktalks)

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Booktalk #1

This is a book about bunnies. Talking bunnies to be exact. But it is also about a lot more than bunnies. First, it's a great adventure story. A band of rabbits must leave the only home they've ever known because of some unknown, to them, catastrophe that is coming. Can you guess what it is? As the rabbits try to build a new existence, they are not satisfied to have the same life as before--they want something better for themselves! As you follow their adventures you really get to know about their culture, their history, and even their own special language (a glossary is included). This book is also about ethics, freedom, and human nature---way more than just about bunnies.  (Marybeth Raynes, Hickory Creek Middle School, Frankfort, IL)

Booktalk #2

Watership Down takes us to a world we have never seen. Or at least, to a world we have never truly seen. Through forests and rivers, streams and hills, and rolling plains of green grass, we follow our rabbit heroes through their powerful journey of courage, leadership, and survival. The group of ten rabbits abandons their home warren after being unable to persuade the rest of their kind of the imminent danger. They flee the warren to pursue their dreams; a safe place, a new warren, and the glorious aspect of adventure. Not all is as it seems though, and the wanderers will have to overcome terrible trials in order to find what they seek. Will Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver, and the rest of the party ever find a new place to call home?  (Dinesh Ramasamy, student, Mansfield High)

SUBJECTS:     Rabbits -- Fiction.
                        Fantasy fiction.


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