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Adams, Douglas
New York : Harmony Books, 1980.
ISBN 0345391802
(2 booktalks)
Booktalk #1

Funny science fiction. This book lets you step out of viewing Earth as the center of the Universe. What about the notion that the mice on this planet have been working for 10 million years to get humans organized enough to form a carbon based computer (our collective brains) in order to come up with the ultimate question of the universe -- the answer to which they already know. The atmosphere is low-keyed -- an earthman going along for the ride with a seasoned galaxy bum -- hitchhiking for the fun of updating his hitchhiker's guide -- the entry under habitation on Earth.

Booktalk #2

If you like books that are weird, funny, and adventurous this is a book for you.
Arthur Dent wakes up to see a bulldozer out side his window ten minuets later he is lying down in front of it trying to save his house. Little does he know that the whole earth is about to be destroyed by a Volgon Destructor fleet. Arthur's friend who happens to be an alien from the vicinity of Beetle Juice, helps him escape earth. Together they're off on a weird and crazy adventure through, the galaxy, with only the Hitchhiker's Guide and a few towels to keep them safe!
Will they find a place they can call home? To find out you'll have to read the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.   (Josh L., student 5th grade)

SUBJECTS:     Dent, Arthur (Fictitious character)
                        Prefect, Ford (Fictitious character)
                        Imaginary voyages
                        Science fiction -- Mexico


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