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This database was started long before I put it on line in 1995. It started as an index card file filled with hundreds of booktalks. Many of these were written by my friend Theresa Toy. Theresa died in 1995 and I combined her booktalks with mine in a make-shift database.

The impetus to put the booktalks on line came when I was asked to do booktalks for a class with very little notice. When I searched the web looking for help, I found none. Shortly after, Booktalks -- Quick and Simple was born. They were barely 100 booktalks when it started. It has grown considerably since then.

These short booktalks are intended to be used by library personnel and teachers. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 booktalks in the database. I have included bibliographical information for your convenience. Many of these books have been issued by different publishers so the booktalks are not necessarily edition-specific. I have also included grade Interest Level (IL) and grade Reading Level (RL) of the books when the information is readily available in standard sources.

Disclaimer: This database is a product of the work of several contributors. It is not intended as a commercial product. Inclusion of a title in this database does not imply a recommendation nor guarantee that the work is suitable for all situations.


I hope you enjoy these talks. You are free to use them but I ask that if you do, you submit one of your own to add to the database. To submit a booktalk of your own to the database, simply send it email to Nancy Keane.

Nancy J. Keane, Library Media Specialist

Rundlett Middle School

144 South Street

Concord, New Hampshire 03301


The end?


Permission is granted for the noncommercial duplication and use of this resource, provided it is substantially unchanged from its present form and appropriate credit is given.