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Abelove, Joan.
New York : Puffin Books, 2001.
ISBN 0141312270
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Have you ever had strong feelings or emotions, but you couldn't express them?  Either because you didn't have the words or you had the words, but no one to listen?   Mindyís mother is dying of a brain tumor.  She doesn't know how to deal with all of the emotions bottled up inside of her.  Before they found out how sick her mother was, Mindy was impatient with her and thought she was being overly dramatic about the severity of the pain she was experiencing.  Everything her mother said or did rubbed her the wrong way and she let her know it.   In short, as her friend put itóshe was acting like a teenager.  But now, when she wants to tell her mother how sorry she is, itís too late.  Now that she's ready to hear what her mother has to say, her mother can't say it.  Now that she wants her mother's opinion to help her decide on colleges, she can't give it.  Her motherís body is there, but her mother is gone.   The woman who was once so full of words is now empty.  Just like their house.  Even when Mindyís dad is there the house is empty.  He cannot bring himself to acknowledge what is happening to her mother.  He won't allow Mindy to Say it Out Loud.  She needs so desperately to be heard, to be able to express what she is feeling and thinking.
          Joan Abelove has written a wrenching story about a young girl who is loosing her mother to a terrible disease. When you read it, you will think about when was the last time you really listened to the people who mean the most to you? When was the last time you really heard what they had to say or shared with them what was on your mind?  When was the last time you told them that you loved them?  (Virginia Wright,, Tuscarawas County Public Library, New Philadelphia, OH)
SUBJECTS:     Mothers and daughters -- Fiction.
                        Fathers and daughters -- Fiction.
                        Death -- Fiction.
                        Jews -- United States -- Fiction.


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