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Bemelmans, Ludwig. Madeline. Viking, 1939. Gr. k-3 Appendectomy.

Bendick, Jeanne. Have a Happy Measles, Have Merry Mumps. McGraw, 1958. Gr. k-3 Stories, poems, what to do when ill at home.

Berenstein, Stan. Berenstein Bears Go to the Doctor. Not sure of Bears exact title.

Berger, Melvin. Disease Detectives. Harper/Cromwell, 1978. Gr. 5-9. The work of the Centers for Disease Control.

Berger, Melvin. Why I Cough, Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn. Cromwell, 1983.

Blume, Judy. Deenie. NY: Bradbury, 1973. Gr. 4-6. Scoliosis.

Brandenberg, Franz. I Wish I Was Sick Too! Greenwillow, 1976. Ages 4-6.

Brink, Benjamin. David's Story. (Lerner Pub - they have a great series about children with health problems)

Bruna, Dick. Miffy in the Hospital. Price Stern, 1976. Ages 2-4. Miffy, a rabbit, goes to the hospital to have her tonsils taken out.

Center for Attitudinal Healing. Straight from the Siblings: Another Look at the Rainbow, Written by and for Children Who Have Brothers and Sisters with a Life-Threatening Illness. Tiburon, CA: Celestial Arts, 1982.

Center for Attitudinal Healing. There is a Rainbow behind Every Dark Cloud. Tiburon, CA: Celestial Arts, Millbrae, CA, 1978.

Chalmers, Mary Eileen. Come to the Doctor, Harry. Harper, 1981. Ages 2-5. Harry the cat injures his tail in the door, and his mother takes him to the doctor.

Chase, Francine. A Visit to the Hospital. Grosset, l957. Gr. k-3. Tonsillectomy; negative element: injections aren't mentioned.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Margaret's Heart Operation. Children's Hospital, pap. PreK-Gr. 4.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Michael's Heart Test. Children's Hospital, Public Relations Dept., 1740 Bainbridge, PA 19146, pap. Pre-K-Gr. 4.

Ciliotta, Claire & Livingston, Carole. Why am I going to the hospital: a helpful guide to a new experience. Lyle Stuart, 1991. ISBN# 0-8184-0316-0.

Collier, James Lincoln. Danny goes to the Hospital. Norton, l970. Gr. k-3. Surgical correction of strabismus or crossed eyes.

Corcoran, Barbara. I Am the Universe. NY: Atheneum, 1986. Gr. 5-8. Mother with brain tumor.

Cosgrove, Margaret. Your Hospital, a Modern Miracle. Dodd, 1962. Gr. 4-8. One-page descriptions of various areas of the hospital.

Coy, Harold. The First Book of Hospitals. Watts, 1964. Gr. 4-6. Candy Striper of high school age gives an introduction to the hospital setting.

Davison, Martine. Robby Visits the Doctor. Random House, 1992 Multi-cultural and has a good amount of text with explanations of medical equipment.

Davison, Martine. Maggie and the Emergency Room. Random House, 1992 Multi-cultural and has a good amount of text with explanations of medical equipment.

Davison, Martine. Rita goes to the Hospital. Random House, 1992. Multi-cultural and has a good amount of text with explanations of medical equipment.

Dooley, Virginia. "Tubes in my Ears: My Trip to the Hospital" Mondo. ISBN 1-57255-118-6

Donahue, Parnell, and Capellaro, Helen. Germs Make Me Sick. Knopf, distributed by Random, 1975. Gr. 4-7. Colds, ear infections, stomach problems, measles, chicken pox, and other common childhood ailments are explained.

Dudley, Nancy. Linda goes to the Hospital. Coward, 1953. Gr. k-4. Appendectomy

Duncan, Debbie. When Molly was in the Hospital: A Book for Brothers and Sisters of Hospitalized Children. Windsor, CA: Rayve Productions (P.O. Box 726, zip code 95492), 1994. Anna's younger sister Molly had to go to the hospital for an operation. She tells about the feelings and fears she experienced when her little sister became ill and had to be hospitalized.

Elliott, Evelyn. Mummy goes into hospital. 1985.

Falk, Ann Mari. The Ambulance. Burke Publishing Co., Ltd., 14 John St., London, W.C.l, England, 1966. PreK-Gr. 3. A positive and helpful introduction to a hospital experience.

Feagles, Anita. Emergency Room. Cowles, 1970. Gr. 5-9. A high school volunteer gives an introduction to the busy emergency room.

Fine, Anne. Poor Monty.

Froman, Robert. Let's find Out about the Clinic. Watts, 1968. Gr. k-3. Good introduction to hospital equipment and procedures.

Gomi, Taro. Toot.

Greenberg, Jan. No More Dragons to Slay. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1983. Ages 12+ Teenager with cancer.

Gretz, Susanna. Teddy Bears Cure a Cold. Macmillan/Four Winds, 1985. Ages 4-6. William Teddy Bear's friends help him when he is ill with a cold.

Hallquist, Britt G. Bettina's Secret. Harcourt, 1967. Gr. 3-7. Ten-year old Bettina is hospitalized with a broken leg.

Holmes, Burnham. Early Morning Rounds. Scholastic/Four Winds, 1982. Gr. 6-8. Two medical students accompany chief residents and interns on hospital rounds.

Howe, James. The Hospital Book. Photographs by Mal Warshaw. Crown Publishers, 1981. Gr. k-5. An excellent introduction in text illustrated by black and white photographs to the equipment, procedures, and people in a hospital. A factual account which would form a good pictorial introduction to the topic of hospitals and hospitalization for young children and middle-grade students.

Howe, James. Night without Stars. Atheneum, 1983. Gr. 6-8. A fictional story about a young girl who must have open-heart surgery.

Jessell, Camilla. Paul in Hospital. Metheun, 1972.

Johnson, Marianne. Let's talk about going to the hospital. Rosen, 1997.

Jones, Rebecca C. Angie and me. Macmillan, 1981. Gr. 5-7. Jenna, a twelve year old with rheumatoid arthritis, is hospitalized and finds a special friend who is terminally ill.

Key, Eleanor. The Clinic. Watts, 1971. Gr. 4-6. Follows a small boy through his first visit to a clinic.

Key, Eleanor. Let's find out about the Hospital. Watts, l97l. Gr. k-3

Key, Eleanor. The Operating Room. Watts, 1970. Gr. 4-7. Biopsy of a mole; operating room procedures explained.

Levy, Elizabeth, and Miller, Mara. Doctors for the People. Dell, 1975. Gr. 6-9. Profiles of physicians who are dedicated to their work.

LeGuin, Ursula. A visit from Dr. Katz.

Loomis, Christine. One Cow Coughs: a counting book for the sick and miserable.

Marino, Barbara Davis. Eric Needs Stitches. Addison-Wesley, l979. Ages 3-8. Eric falls and cuts his knee and has to go to the emergency room to have it repaired.

Marston, Hope Irvin. To the rescue, 1991. About emergency vehicles used during accidents, etc....relates a little to hospitals in general. ISBN# 0-525-65059-8

Martin, Charles E. Island Rescue. Greenwillow, 1985. Ages 5-8. Mae breaks her leg and is taken to the hospital so her leg can be put in a cast.

Oxenbury, Helen. The Check-up. Walker, 1988.

Pelta, Cathy. What Does A Paramedic Do? Dodd, 1978. Gr. 5-8.

Perez, Carla, and Robison, Deborah. Your Turn, Doctor. Dial, 1982. Gr. k-3. Gloria gives her doctor an imaginary check-up.

Perry, Philippa. Hospital. Wayland, 1994.

Peterkin, Allan. What about Me? When Brothers and Sisters Get Sick. NY: Magination Press, 1992.

Rey, Margaret. Zozo goes to the Hospital. Chatto and Windus, 1967.

Rey, Margaret, and Rey, H.A. Curious George goes to the Hospital. Houghton, 1966. Gr. K-3. Curious George swallows a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and has to go to the hospital to have it removed.

Richter, Elizabeth. The Teenage Hospital Experience: You Can Handle It. NY: Coward, McCann, & Geoghegan, 1982. Ages 10+. Nineteen teenagers are interviewed to tell what it is really like to be in the hospital.

Rockwell, Anne, and Rockwell, Harlow. Emergency Room. Macmillan, 1985. Ages 3-6. A young boy with a sprained ankle gets a tour of the emergency room. ISBN 0-02-777300-0

Rockwell, Anne. Sick in bed.

Rockwell, Harlow. My Dentist. Greenwillow, 1975. Ages 3-6.

Rockwell, Harlow. My Doctor. Macmillan, 1973. Ages 3-6. A woman doctor examines a young patient.

Rogers, Fred. Going to the hospital. Putnam, 1988. ISBN# 0-399-21503-4

Sachs, Elizabeth-Ann. Just Like Always. Atheneum, 1981. Gr. 5-7. Scoliosis.

Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's Nicky goes to the Doctor. Golden Press, 1972. Gr. k-3.

Sever, Josephine Abbott. Johnny goes to the Hospital. Houghton, 1961. Gr. k-3. Johnny has stomach surgery.

Shay, Arthur. What Happens when you go to the Hospital? Reilly and Lee, 1969. Gr. k-3. Karen has a tonsillectomy. Some inaccuracies, such as holding up tonsils in a bottle in the recovery room.

Showers, Paul. No Measles, No Mumps for Me. Crowell, 1980. The necessity of immunizations against disease is the subject of this book.

Silverstein, Alvin. Diabetes: The Sugar Disease. Lippincott, distributed by Harper, l979. Gr. 6-8.

Silverstein, Alvin, and Silverstein, Virginia. Allergies. Lippincott, distributed by Harper, 1977. Gr. 7-9.

Silverstein, Alvin. Itch, Sniffle, Sneeze: All about Asthma, Hayfever, and Other Allergies. Macmillan/Four Winds, 1978. Gr. 3-5.

Silverstein, Alvin. So you're Getting Braces. Harper, 1978. Gr. 6-9.

Singer, Marilyn. It Can't Hurt Forever. Harper, 1978. Gr. 3-6. Open-heart surgery.

Sobol, Harriet Langsam. The Interns. Putnam/Coward-McCann, 1981. Gr. 7-9. A look at the work of two pediatric interns working at Babies Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City.

Steig, William. Doctor de Soto. Farrar, 1982. Gr. k-4. Available from Weston Woods Studios, Weston, CT 06883, as filmstrip, video, and cassette tape set. Newbery Honor Book.

Stein, Sara Bonnett. A Hospital Story: An Open Family Book for Parents and Children Together. Walker, 1974. Ages 3-6. ISBN# 0-8027-6173-9

Tamburine, Jean. I Think I Will Go to the Hospital. Abingdon, 1965. Gr. k-2. Tonsillectomy.

This is a Hospital not a Zoo. Clarion Books.

Watson, Jane Werner. My Friend the Doctor. Golden Press, 1972. PreK-Gr. 2. Created in cooperation with the Menninger Foundation for parents and children.

Watts, Marjorie-Ann. Crocodile Medicine. Deutsch, 1977.

Weber, Alfons. Elizabeth Gets Well. Crowell, 1969. Gr. k-3. Beautifully illustrated and well-told story.

What's wrong with me? Wayland, 1994.

Wiseman, Bernard. Morris Has a Cold. NY: Dodd, 1978. Gr. 1-3.

Wolde, Gunilla. Betsy and the Doctor. Random, 1978. Ages 3-6. Cut on Betsy's head.

Wolfe, Bob, and Wolfe, Diane. Emergency Room. Carolrhoda, 1983. Gr. 3-6. Photographic presentation of work in a hospital emergency room.

Wolff, Angelika. Mom! I Broke My Arm! Lion, 1969. Gr. k-4. Having a cast put on in the doctor's office.

Wood, Tim. Doctor. Franklin Watts, 1989.


Hit compiled by Terri Lent, Manassas Park HS/MS, Manassas Park, Va.

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