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Benchley, Nathaniel. Beyond the Mists. Harper & Row, 1975, stated first; 152 pp. A young Dane's experience sailing the northern oceans and seas, culminating with a trip to an unknown land with Lief Eriksson.

De Angeli, Marguerite. /MdeA. Black Fox of Lorne. Doubleday, (1956), original format, early printing, $3.95; 191 pp. Two Viking lads journey across 10th century Scotland with Gavin, the Black Fox of Lorne, in search of their mother and their father's murderer.

 Goscinnny /Uderzo. La Grande Traversee. Dargaud Canada1975/1975. Sent off to sea for some decent fish, our friends are washed up on the shore of North America, befriend a conglomerate tribe of Indians, hitch a ride with some Vikings and escape back home. (The usual historical accuracy falls apart in N. America!)

Haugaard, Erik Christian. /Leo & Diane Dillon. Hakon of Rogen's Saga. HM Co, 1963, 1st; 132 pp. A dark story set at the end of the Viking period in an island off the coast of Norway. How the impetuous dead of a Viking ruler brought ruin.

Haugaard, Erik Christian. Leif the Unlucky. HM Co, 1982, 1st; 206 pp. The remaining offspring in the lost Viking colony in Greenland struggle with ethical challenges of being the last people of their culture. A fine book by a gifted storyteller.  

Holl, Adelaide. /Isolde Schmitt-Menzel. The Little Viking. Western, 1975, 1st; 4to, 32 pp. Eric became a brave and fearless sailor while still a little boy.

MacGregor, Mary. /Munro Orr. Stories of the Vikings. London: TC & EC Jack, n.d. (1919 inscription)

Mowat, Farley. Curse of the Viking Grave. Boston: LB Co, 1966, 1st; (Jr Lit Guild Book Club) Awasin and his sister Angeline, Cree teenagers, Peetyuk, an Inuit, and Jamie, a Scottish trapper's nephew set off north to recover Viking relics and end up in an exciting trek across the Canadian Northlands to Hudson Bay. Seq. to Lost in the Barrrens.  

Schaff, Louise E. Skald of the Vikings. LL&S, 1966, 1st; 192 pp.

Shura, Mary Francis. /Charles Keeping. The Valley of the Frost Giants. LothropLS, 1977, 1st; 10x7, 48 pp. Two Viking children are faced with extraordinary challenges in this short tale and respond with courage.  

Sutcliff, Rosemary. /Charles Keeping. Blood Feud. OUP, 1976, 1st; 144 pp. Although purchased as a slave, Jestyn is drawn into the blood feud between Thormond the Viking and his brothers. Map on endpapers showing the route from Dublin to Thormond's country to Kiev to Byzantium.  

Sutcliff, Rosemary. /C W Hodges. The Shield Ring. OUP, 1957/1956, 2nd; 215 pp. The Normans battle the last Viking stronghold in Lancaster.  

Treece, Henry. /Christine Price. Viking Sunset. NY: Criterion, 1961/1960, 1st Am; 182 pp.  

Treece, Henry. /Christine Price. The Road to Miklagard. NY: Criterion, c.1966, NAP. 

Treece, Henry. /Charles Keeping. Splintered Sword. Duell, 1965, 1st Am. With Vikings in 10th C. Scotland  

Treece, Henry. /Charles Keeping. The Last Viking (The Last of the Vikings). Pantheon, 1966/1964, 1st Am; Keeping pictorial boards; 146 pp. The travels and death of Harald Hardrada, who met his death in 1066 fighting against the English King Harold Godwinson, told in starkly beautiful prose by this author-poet

Wills, Jonathan. /JW. The Travels of Magnus Pole. Houghton Mifflin, 1975, 1st. Brightly coloured, hilarious history, appreciated by all.  

Wuorio, Eva-Lis. /William Winter. Return of the Viking. Toronto: Clarke Irwin, 1955, 1st; 208 pp. Wuorio's first book for children, nicely produced, and illustrated with ink colour wash drawings by a Canadian artist. Children walk through a heavy wooden door in the Royal Ontario Museum and meet Leif Ericson in Canada.

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