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Arason, Steingrimur. /Gertrude Howe. Smoky Bay. Macmillan, 1943/1942, 2nd; 190 pp. A pleasant story of an Icelandic boy's youth, ending as he sets sail for a visit to America. Arason grew up in Iceland in the early 1900's, received a scholarship to Teachers' College, Columbia,then returned to Iceland and taught for 40 years.

Arason, Steingrimur. /Gertrude Howe. Golden Hair. Macmillan, 1946/1945, 2nd; 223 pp. An Icelandic children's author describes Signy's visit to her cousins in the 'three Icelands of her homeland. Endpaper maps.

Boucher, Alan. /Karolina Larusdottir. Mead Moondaughter and other Icelandic Folktales. Chilton, 1967, 1st. These stark and vivid tales, many of them taken from Icelandic sagas, were written down over a hundred years ago by Jon Arnason, the Grimm of Iceland. They reflect a dark Nordic world of enchanted creatures, seacoasts, caves, and magic.

Branford, Henrietta. The Fated Sky. (10th century)

Feagles, Anita /Gertrude Baccer-Russell. Autun and the Bear NY: Young Scott, 1967, 1st; 8.5x11, n.p. The medieval Icelandic legend of Autun, who sailed and traveled far and dealt fairly with all.

Hall, Jennie. /Victor Lambdin. Viking Tales. Rand McNally, 1902; small 8vo, 207 pp. Stories from Icelandic sagas, well told and illustrated.

Helgadottir, Gundrun. /Brian Pilkington. Flumbra, An Icelandic Folktale. Carolrhoda, 1986/1981, 1st US. When Flumbra the giantess cannot summon her true love she sets out with the her 8 little giants to find their father. Endearing pictures of the homely giantess beaming with mother love. Both the author and the artist are residents of Reykjavik.

Iceland adventures. 1997.

Mitchison, Naomi. The Land the Ravens Found. (9th century +)

Newman, Robert. /John Gretzer. Greta the Strong. NY: Crowell, 1968, 1st. An ancient saga of Iceland, recounting the life of Grettir, outlaw and hero, retold.

Pinkwater, Jill. /Irene Brady Cloud Horse. LL&S, 1983, 1st; 236 pp. A rich adventure tale of a modern dreamer, a Viking girl of old Iceland, and a horse that flies across the Arctic plain. One summer in Maine, through their mutual love of the Cloud Horses, the Icelandic ponies, Kate is connected to an Icelandic girl from the time of Vinland. More a horse book than a fantasy, with nice drawings of the chunky ponies.

Svend Otto Sørensen. Jon's big day.

Thatcher, Dora : Henry in Iceland; Brockhampton, 1973. It features a humanized helicopter

Treece, Henry. /Charles Keeping. Swords from the North (The Northern Brothers). Pantheon, 1967/1966; green cloth pictorial boards; 140 pp. An older child's story of Harald Hardrada during his time at Byzantium (or Constantinople or Miklagard) between the years 1034 - 1044, built on the framework of the Icelandic Snorri Sturluson's saga of the Norse kings.

Treece, Henry. /Christine Price. Viking's Sunset. NY: Criterion, 1961/1960, 1st Am. ed.; 182 p. The last book of Treece's first Viking Saga. A totally convincing view of the Viking world of Harald Sigurdson. Harald is now a prosperous farmer who sets out on a voyage of revenge to Iceland and beyond to stay with the tribe of Old Gachita.

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