• Autobiography Of A Face, by Lucy Grealy.
  • Beachmont letters by Twomey
  • A Face First by Priscilla Cummings (ALSC Notable for Older Readers 2002) Twelve-year-old Kelley decides to cut off contact with her friends and classmates after suffering third-degree burns to her face and body in a car accident near her home on Maryland's Kent Island.
  • Face by Benhamin Zephaniah is about a boy who survives a car crash, but suffers terrible disfigurement.
  • Freak the Mighty by Philbrick Rodman had mixed reviews but hits two separate areas of disfigurement if stretched just a little.
  • Lizard by Dennis Covington is about a boy with a facial disfigurement.
  • Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde features a teacher with a facial disfigurement.
  • Road Song  by Natalie Kusz
  • Sam: The Boy Behind The Mask, by Tom Hallman
  • Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes (Chris Crutcher) is a great novel about a teenage girl with a facial disfigurement.
  • SWEET CLARINET by James Riordan
  • Tangerine by Bloor. The 9th grader is teased for his VERY thick glasses.  Most of his sight was lost when his brother injured his eyes.
  • THE GYPSIES NEVER CAME by Stephen Roos
  • The King's Shadow about the boy whose tongue was cut out
  • THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE, by Isabelle Holland,
  • The Skin I'm In by Sharon Flake
  • This Isn't About the Money" by Sally Warner another survivor of a car crash with a female  having her face disfigured.
  • Whale Talk  by Chris Crutcher also has a physical disability...One has brain damage from being mishandled as a child, another is missing his leg from the knee down.
  • Wounded Spirit by Frank Peretti is his autobiographical account of a physically disfiguring medical condition he suffered as a boy and the torment he suffered from others.  It has a strong evangelical Christian slant, so only recommend this book if you have ascertained that the family is either Christian or won't be offended by it.  But it has a lot of good information for kids who are suffering the teasing, and for those who do it.
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