Cooperation (Elementary)

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  • Findlay, Diane - Characters with Character: Using Children's Literature in
    Character Education

    Children's Books:
    Ada, A- With Love, Little Red Hen
    Alborough, J - Duck in a Truck
    Awdry, Rev. W. - Thomas Gets his own Branch Line
    Beskow, E - Pelle's New Suit
    Branley, F - The International Space Station
    Brenner, B - Mr. Tall and Mr. Small
    Bridwell, N - Cleo Cooperates (board book)
    Brimner, L - The Messy Lot
    Brown, Marc - Locked in the Library
    Brown, Marcia - Stone Soup
    Caseley, J - Grandpa's Garden Lunch
    Cooper, H - Pumpkin Soup
    Day, A - Frank & Ernest Play Ball
    de Paola, T - Too Many Bunnies
    Disalvo-Ryan, A - City Green
    Edwards, J - Dumpy and the Big Storm
    Ernst, L - Zinnia and Dot
    Foster, K - Bat's Surprise
    Galdone, P - Little Red Hen
    Giff, P - Snaggle Doodles
    Goldman, L - Rainbow Fish: Tattle Tale
    Goley, E - Learn the Value of Cooperation
    Goodall, J - The Eagle & the Wren
    Henwood, S - The Troubled Village
    Holub, J - The Garden that Grew
    Janovitz, M - Can I Help?
    Jennings, S - Priscilla's Paw de Deux
    Kleinberg, N - Poky and Friends: Big River Rescue
    Kroll, S - Biggest Pumpkin Ever
    Kyle, K - Cooperation (Wonder Books)
    Lester, H - Wizard, the Fairy, and the Magic Chicken
    Lewin, B - Chubbo's Pool
    Lewis, K - Friends
    Ling, B - Lemonade for Sale (Real Kids Readers)
    Lionni, L - Swimmy
    Mason, M - Two Good Friends
    Masurel, C - A Cat and a Dog
    Oppenheim, J - On the Other Side of the River
    Oxenbury, H - Tom and Pippo Make a Friend
    Paye, W - Head, Body, Legs - A Story from Liberia
    Raatma, L - Cooperation
    Rohmann, E - My Friend Rabbit
    Sierra, J - Preschool to the Rescue
    Silverman, E - Big Pumpkin
    Spelman, C - When I Care About Others (The Way I Feel series)
    Spier, P - Oh Were They Ever Happy
    Sturges, P - The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza
    Tolstoy, A - The Great Big Enormous Turnip
    Venn, C - That is Not My Hat! (Real Kids Readers)
    Waddell, M - You and Me, Little Bear
    Waterstone, R - Who's Under Grandma's Quilt?
    Wells, R - Fritz and the Mess Fairy
    Yee, B - Sand Castle
    Ziefert, H - Who Can Boo the Loudest?

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