France - Historical Fiction

  • A Company of Fools, Deborah Ellis (1300s Paris)
  • Anne Frank and Me" by Bennett
  • Count of Monte Cristo,
  • Death comes as an Epiphany, by Sharan Newman involves a Catherine, a novice at the convent of Heloise.
  • Farewell My Queen by Chantal Thomas (Marie Antoinette)
  • GREATER THAN ANGELS by Carol Matas. Anna, a teenaged German refugee, relates how she and other Jewish children were cared for by the citizens of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France, during the German occupation.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame,
  • Les Miserables,
  • Man in the Iron Mask,
  • Scarlet Pimpernel,
  • Spider's Voice, Gloria Skurzynski (Abelard & Heloise)
  • Tale of Two Cities
  • The Burning Time, Carol Matas (1500s)
  • THE MASTER OF ALL DESIRES  by Judith Merkle Riley is an adult book. It takes place in 1556, Paris.  There are many historical figures mentioned.
  • The Wolf Hunt, by Gillian Bradshaw is adult fantasy, but could work for YA
  • Three Musketeers,
  • Vero & Philippe, by Caroline Hatton (1960s Paris)
  • WOLVING TIME by Patrick Jennings. It has the werewolf fantasy element, but it also seems to give a pretty good idea of what daily life was like in 16th century France.
  • ZAZOO by Richard Mosher is a modern story with flashbacks to WWII. Amid old secrets revealed and rifts healed, a thirteen-year-old Vietnamese orphan raised in rural France by her aging "Grand-Pierre" learns about life, death and love.
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