• A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L'Engle, which deals with space/time distortion (tesseract).
  • ENCHANTRESS FROM THE STARS by Syvlia Engdahl The sequel, THE FAR SIDE OF EVIL, is being reissued in hardcover.  The author also has a trilogy, reissued in an omnibus edition, CHILDREN OF THE STAR.
  • Ender's series by Orson Scott Card are set in space. The first is Ender's Game.
  • Interstellar Pig-aliens by William Sleator
  • Singularity- travel in the time space continuum by William Sleator
  • SKY SO BIG AND BLACK by John Barnes. That one takes place on Mars and features a teen character. How Mars might be terraformed and how people would have to adapt to living on Mars are significant issues in the book.
  • SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD by Diane Duane has astronomy in it.
  • The Boy Who Reversed Himself-- travel to the fourth and other dimensions by William Sleator.
  • The Duplicate- Cloning by William Sleator
  • The Man Who Turned Into Himself. By David Ambrose. It has to do with parallel universes/worlds. (adult book).
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