Children Building

  • Block city by Robert Louis Stevenson ; illustrated by Ashley Wolff.
  • BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD by Jules Feiffer
  • Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend--Henry and his parents make a castle out of stove and refrigerator boxes.
  • Mine  -a boy and a girl are building with blocks and get into a disagreement.
  • ON SAND ISLAND by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (Houghton) --a boy with one good luck pocket and a keep-away-bad-luck other pocket--and he's determined to build a boat.
  • ROXABOXEN by Alice McLarren, illustrated by Barbara Cooney- the children "build" an imaginary town.
  • Something Queer on Vacation by Elizabeth Levy (there is a sand castle building contest)
  • TONY'S HARD WORK DAY by Alan Arkin, ill. by James Stevenson
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