• Addabbo, Carole : Dina the deaf dinosaur [picture book]
  • Argent, Leanne/Wignell, Edel: I wonder who lives upstairs [picture book]
  • Bloom, Freddy: The boy who couldn't hear [picture book]
  • Booth, Barbara:  Mandy
  • Bruna, Dick: Blue boat [picture book]
  • Corcora, Barbara n: A Dance to Still Music
  • Cowley, Joy: The silent one
  • DeJong, Meindert: Journey to Peppermint Street
  • Diana Peter: Claire and Emma (picture book;
  • Dunba, Joycer: Mundo and the Weather Child
  • Kerr, M.E.: Is that you, Miss Blue?
  • Lakini, Patricia: Dad and me in the morning  [picture book]
  • Levine, Edna: Lisa and her soundless world [picture book]
  • Martin, Ann: Jessi's secret language (Babysitters Club)
  • Mayne, William : Gideon ahoy!
  • McElfresh, Lynn : Can you feel the thunder? (deaf/blind)
  • Melvin Burgess: Loving April
  • Millman:  Moses goes to school
  • Morpurgo, Michael : When the whales came
  • Peterson, Jeanne: I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf [picture book]
  • Richemont, Enid : The time tree
  • Robinson Veronica: David in silence
  • Spence, Eleanor: The nothing place
  • Stemp, Jane : Secret songs
  • Ure, Jean : Cool Simon
  • Vian Smith: Martin Rides the Moor
  • Zelonky, Joy: I Can't Always Hear You [picture book]
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