Jailed Characters

  • Black and White_ Macaulay - the bandit is breaking out of jail on the title page.
  • Curious George
  • Free Lunch. by Walsh and Seibold. (Mr. Lunch)
  • Moon Man_ by Tomi Ungerer.  He escapes by waiting until he "wanes" and becomes thin enough to slip between the bars.
  • Ned Mouse Breaks Away.Tim Wynne-Jones...
  • Noddy books - Enid Blyton.  Mr. Plod the Policeman must put some of the characters in jail.  Noddy himself
  • Sitting Ducks_Michael Bedard _.
  • The Blunder of the Rogues_Tim Egan (1999).
  • The Halloween House," by Erica Silverman features escaped convicts.
  • THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE PIGS by Sceiszka and Lane
  • Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave_. Nick Park_ there is a "book" version (published by the BBC) and Gromit does spend some time in jail.
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