Easy Historical Fiction (9th grade)

  • A chapel of thieves Clements, Bruce.
  • A Single Shard has a male protagonist and is set in medieval Korea.
  • At the sign of the star  Sturtevant, Katherine.
  • Captain Grey  Avi,
  • Catherine Called Birdy, Cushman
  • Chipper  Collier, James Lincoln,
  • Dancing in Cadillac light - Burgess, Melvin.
  • Dark is Rising series, - Susan Cooper
  • Dream soul Yep, Laurence.
  • Duffy's Rocks Fenton, Edward,
  • Edith Shay  LaFaye,
  • Eleanor Hill  Kline, Lisa Williams
  • Fire, Bed and Bone - Henrietta Branford - is a story of the Peasant's Revolt narrated by a dog.
  • I, Juan de Pareja - Trevino
  • King of the Wind by Margarite Henry. It has plenty of action and is set in three different countries--Arabia, France, and England.  The main character is the mute stable boy, so the boys couldn't complain about a female protagonist.
  • Matilda Bone and The Midwife's Apprentice, by Cushman
  • Minstrel in the tower' by Gloria Skurzynski.
  • Seeing Stone Trilogy
  • Shakespeare's Scribe".
  • Spider's Voice by Gloria Skurzynski.
  • The Babbs Switch story  Beard, Darleen Bailey
  • The boy and the samurai  Haugaard, Erik Christian.
  • The copper treasure - Lasky, Kathryn.
  • The Door in the Wall by Marguerite DeAngeli.  The setting is medieval.
  • The king's shadow' by Elizabeth Alder
  • The king's swift rider' by Mollie Hunter.
  • The Midwife’s Apprentice, by Cushman
  • The Shakespeare Stealer" by Gary Blackwood male protagonist...great story and easy enough for your lower 9th graders to read.
  • The Sign of the Chrysanthemum. - Katherine Paterson. The protagonist is a 13-year-old male and it is set in medieval Japan.
  • The Stinking Great Lie by Catherine Jinks

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